Our most recent branding project for the cozy “Moft” coffee shop is now complete! Everything about this place is a delight. The owners of this family-run business sought to create an unforgettable experience for their customers by giving their little coffee shop a vintage romantic look that makes one feel at home. Coupled with delicious coffee and all sorts of goodies, “Moft de Piatra Neamţ” amazes everyone that crosses its doorstep.
And since we were in charge of branding this little gem, we sought to provide a common thread that pulled everything together and polished its final look and feel. For the logo we chose a hand-written script reminiscent of a long forgotten simpler time, framed by two delicate branches, symbolizing the coffee shop’s fresh, natural products. And since we romanticized about the olden days, what can be more awesome than a hand-crafted, hanging wooden sign to display everything?

Moft de Piatra Neamt {logo}

We moved on to designing the menu by carefully blending two elegant hand-written typefaces on a subltle backdrop, seeking to arouse nostalgia in the gazer’s mind.


Everything simply came together with the completion of the coffee shop’s remaining stationery which we designed by keeping in mind both functionality and aesthetic, giving it a modern yet antiquated look and feel. And when we say feel, we do mean the sense of touch! The materials chosen for the stationery had to have a vintage blotting paper feel to them, yet be able to withstand the normal wear and tear of a coffee shop. So if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and try their delicious goodies! You might even bump in to us! 🙂


Since we are first and foremost photographers, we organized a small photoshoot just before opening time, to capture some of the details that give this coffee shop its distinctive identity. For the entire experience we invite you to discover Moft de Piatra Neamt!

Moft 01
Moft 03
Moft 05
Moft 02
Moft 04
Moft 06